Monday, October 18, 2010

Can Oprah refuse this offer?

I have offered Oprah a gift which I am hoping she cannot refuse..a Plane Jane Travel Pack for all her guests and crew heading to Australia! Let's hope the media meganaught reads my little ol' email! I wonder if she will take up the other offers she has been receiving...check them out and decide for yourself!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Budgie Smugglers Rule OK?

Checkout Virgin's latest competition. Budgie smugglers rule! The most humiliating holiday snap ever |

Denise newest customer

Yay to Denise Drysdale (aka Ding Dong) who headed off on her trip of a lifetime, to Germany along the River Rhine...

Small cabin, carry on luggage, busy days on shore with only her handbag...
What more did she need than her Plane Jane Travel pack full of her own personal dry land survival kit? Love to know what she put in it....have a guess. Comments if you dare!

Adventure Plane Jane

If you are one of those people who love to burn a few calories whilst on holiday, then the new Lonely Planet top 10 Australian destinations are for you! Top 5 on my list are definitely for the reasons mentioned!
CLIMB THE SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE  (champagne afterwards as a reward for the effort!)
CIRCUIT ULURU (Head back for a champagne watching the stunning sunset)
DRIVING ACROSS THE NULLARBOR PLAIN  (no exertion needed for this one...just stamina and of course champagne)
DRIVING UP GIBB RIVER ROAD (ditto plus a bit of organisation with supplies or the above mentioned!)

A good initiation for those who would love to be an Aussie through and through!