Friday, April 15, 2011

Plane Jane Travelling-in-Style: Plane Jane has gone international....again!

Plane Jane Travelling-in-Style: Plane Jane has gone international....again!

Plane Jane has gone international....again!

You will be amazed at the buzz the just released Plane Jane Bolero Shrug is creating.

Have a peek at this great online New Zealand mag while you ooohhh and ahhh over the PJ review!

The PJ media star of the week!

The must have PJ Bolero Shrug has finally hit the tarmac!

The most glamorous and chic shrug to hit the autumn season has just been released by the Plane Jane designer team. Change your life with the Urber cool Plane Jane Bolero Shrug

If you want lightweight, easy to launder, non crease sexy clothing to travel in, then here is another reason to head off to the online store, do yourself a big favour and get some of the kit!

Love from the 'always looking after you' team at Plane Jane....keep calm and carry on!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Travel Tip No 2... Take Out Half the Clothes and Pack Twice the Money!

Well done! You have completed the homework task and got together the clothes you think you need to take. Now my friends, before we go any further, consider these points:
  • How many days you are actually going to need a completely new outfit. Write it down if you have to.
  • Have you included 'core wardrobe' pieces in black, white and grey?
  • Have you included lots of accessories that weigh very little but look oh so glamorous?
  • What is the 'uniform' you will wear for walking around the city, on the beach, out and about sightseeing and for shopping?
  • Are you going to be able to wash your clothes or have someone do it for you?
  • Can you live with the fact that you may not have quite the right outfit for one occasion?
  • Have you included easy care fabrics that dry quickly and dont need ironing?
Here is Tip number 2 coming right at you!

On end  of the bed lay out your trousers, then above the trousers put your tops, and above your tops put accessories.  On the floor put your shoes. Can you see what I am getting at....? You may now be able to see that 'this goes with that, goes with this' to quote Sussan's!

By mixing and matching, you can potentially create quite a few different looks and outfits from very little. A must have to blend in with the crowd are your Plane Jane Travelling pants that can be worn during your flight, out for dinner, out and about shopping and sightseeing. Great non crease fabric, with a stylish bootleg and secret pocket. 

Order them now and receive a free Plane Jane Travel Pack at no extra cost, and be the envy of your fellow travellers with a pair of these.

Now you can take out half the clothes and pack twice the money for shopping and presents to bring home to your loved ones!

Next tip...packing it all into a Carry-On suitcase and breezing through security checkpoints!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

One of the most common fears of travellers is being taken for a "ride" by taxi drivers.  It's an easy scam as travellers don't know current rates or local taxi regulations.  But with WorldTaxiMeter, you need not worry.  It calculates the taxi fares for your trip in some of the top destinations of the world.  There's also a mobile version for the techie traveller in your group!
Another job for you before you head off on your trip. Good luck!