Thursday, June 30, 2011

Christmas Already?

Fellow Jetsetters,

How many of you out there start to think about what and where to go at Xmas time in about October? Well if you are anything like me, you actually do it in December! But for those of us who want to finish work on the 23rd December, have a lovely Xmas day then jump on a plane and go somewhere exotic, Trip Advisor have the answer.

Someone there is doing the thinking for us and reminding us to book now! Then it is done, out of the way, all paid for and you are all set to go. 
That way, when you are feeling somewhat frazzled with all the Xmas carry on you can just slip away, and leave that all behind you and end up on a gorgeous hammock overlooking the ocean, wondering what all the fuss was about....sound tempting....?
Trip Advisor Holiday Suggestions
If you would like to stay local and enjoy the tropics around Australia then there are some great deals, given the weather may not be as fab as it could be, but then you never know hey? Check these out anyway and it might just tickle your fancy....I want to wiggle my nose and be there right now!!!
Witsundays Perhaps?
Toorahhhh and let me know how you go with your bookings.
The Miss Plane Jane

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The best accessory for your vacation!

Tempted to pack loads of lovely things to choose from when on your vacation? Think again. This is the best of the best! A lesson on how to tie a Liberty scarfe that can transform any outfit. Seriously think about a little black dress and a few gorgeous scarves to jazz up your outfit! You will be so glad you have a light bag, full of lovely things, that you can carry yourself at all times!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Top 10 Most Useless Travel Gadgets? You decide.....

Kim Wildman has some insightful ideas about what not to take on your next trip away...

from travel.ninemsn

The Stash Card

This travel gadget comes from the "seems like a good a good idea at the time" file. Designed to look like a memory card, the StashCard allows you to hide your valuables, like money or keys, in the unused PC card slots on your laptop. The problem is that your laptop will be the first thing a thief will target. So you'll not only lose your computer, but all your money, too. Why not slip your credit card into your iPod case while you're at it?

The chamois towel

Whatever you do, don't even think about buying one of these synthetic towels. First launched as a swimming towel, this glorified car chamois must be kept moist to work which means you'll be left feeling wet and clammy no matter how much you pat yourself down. I can tell you from experience that it won't dry your hair, it won't cover your modesty, and, if you're in a cold climate, you'll freeze before you dry!

Compression bags

These are the travel equivalent of Space Bags, the huge vacuum-sealed bags on the infomercials. The idea is that you put all your clothes in them, zip them up then push all the air out through a special valve at the bottom. Then — hey presto — your clothes take up much less space. The problem is, when you pull your clothes out to wear them they'll be wrinkled beyond use. If you really want to save space, try rolling your clothes rather than folding them. It not only creates more room, but also helps minimise creases.

The Urinelle

For the uninitiated, the Urinelle is a disposable cone into which women can urinate without having to squat. Personally, I'd much rather squat behind a tree than try to aim into a paper cone while standing up. What if you miss? And what, pray tell, are you meant to do with a warm paper cone full of pee once you're done? Walk around like it's a cup of coffee until you find a rubbish bin?

Passport holder

While a passport holder might look stylish and may prevent your passport from getting damaged, they're really quite impractical. You'll invariably spend more time extracting your passport from and putting it in the holder at the check-in desk, security and the departure gate than it's worth. I find the best place to store my passport while going through airport formalities is in the front pocket of my cargo pants. Beyond that, your passport belongs in a money belt.

Disposable underwear

Underwear you can simply "wear and toss"? Talk about unnecessary and wasteful. Is it really that big of a deal to wash your underwear and bring it back with you? If it is, then why not just buy the cheapest underwear you can find and wear them until they need tossing? Or better still: go commando! Personally, I'd choose comfort any day over scratchy underwear you run the risk of getting a paper cut from

Wearable sleeping bag

Seriously, a sleeping bag you can walk around all day in? Who comes up with these ideas? Besides looking cumbersome and awkward, not to mention completely ridiculous — think Gumby meets the Michelin Man — what happens if you need go to the toilet in a hurry? Also, considering many hostels don't allow sleeping bags these days, you're likely to get thrown out before you even make it to bed.

Cotton shoe bags

These cute little bags are designed to put your dirty shoes in to protect your clothes. Besides the fact that they'll simply get dirty and require cleaning themselves, they're not waterproof so are completely useless if your shoes are muddy and wet. A plastic bag is far more effective and what's more they're usually free.

Travel humidifier

Now I'm not someone who relishes travelling in hot, dry climates — or hot, humid ones for that matter — but is a travel humidifier really necessary? My thoughts are if you can't survive a few weeks away without perfectly pleasant air humidity, you shouldn't have left home in the first place.

Garment steamer/travel iron

Any gadget designed to make you feel like a laundry slave while on holiday — that includes the portable washing machines — isn't recommended. Almost all hotels, and many hostels these days, have irons and laundry facilities available for guests. And really, you're travelling; so who cares if your clothes aren't pressed to perfection?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Travel in the olden days....

Travellers could take their music wherever they wanted,
safe in the knowledge that no one else knew what they were listening to!

Anyone for Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda or Mario Bros?
I was looking on Facebook the other day and everyone was doing a quiz about the olden days and it got me thinking about the first time I went on a big trip overseas.

It isn't quite like today hey? When you left, you left knowing you would not speak or hear from anyone from home until you hit the next Post Office where your mail would be addressed 'Poste Restante'. Awaiting you were a bundle of aerogrammes with light blue flimsy paper with news from home that were read more than once!

There was no contingency for a emergency, except for a telegram that may find you if you said you were where you said you would be in your itineray. But who ever stuck to that?

It wasn't until a later trip that I acquired, with great expense to the management, a Sony Walkman and a few precious tapes I had recorded from my record collection before I left. Some medlies and some pure unadulterated albums. I remember I left it on a bus in Turkey...damn! Never saw that again.

I never did see too many people wandering around with a gameboy. Even on flights not many used them. We were all excited to be watching a communal movie that probably had not been released in Australia yet and we were the trailblazers seeing it on a plane. DVT socks were not even thought of for blood clots, and travel kits were part of the airline issue that we all got excited about. Which begs the question, why do we need all these fabulous gadgets now?

I thought the reason to head overseas on the big trip was to get away from everything and everyone you knew and immerse yourself in other cultures...that was why I did it anyway....