Monday, March 28, 2011

2 or 4 Wheels?

I have to interrupt my wonderful travel tips to bring you a dilemma that I face every time I am at an airport. Do we like these 4 wheeled suitcases that seem to be infiltrating the luggage carousel?

They look very schmicko but do they promise more than they deliver? I wonder about those wheels snapping off, maneuvering it down the concourse is ok, but how do I put it in the overhead locker? That handle would surely be too big. I would not have too many friends on a 'red eye' from Sydney to Melbs now would I? Let me know in no uncertain terms please!


  1. Well babes, you know we're travellers. We've been through MANY suitcases between us and I really dislike the 4 wheelers and won't get another one. Whilst they look fabbo as you wheel them through the lovely flat floored airport, as soon as you get them onto a patched footpath, road, or uneven surface, they are pretty useless. Then you have to tilt them onto two wheels and drag them, but they're not designed for dragging on two wheels and are much harder to drag than the normal 2 wheeled ones. I say go for Samsonite feather light two wheelers if you can get them on sale!

  2. Ah ha! Interesting to say the least...I think that is probably pretty accurate of most people's experiences...

  3. I like the two wheels. They are stronger and can cope with going over cobblestone roads and being thrown around by baggage handlers! Yet to be convinced in the 4 wheels....