Saturday, July 30, 2011

Have you ever suffered from Economy Class Syndrome?

Oh so dreary but true - DVT is now known as The Economy Class Syndrome and compression socks can help us combat it.  Many of us think is only for 'the oldies' but in fact it is fast becoming The Economy Class Syndrome for anyone travelling on a long haul flight. 

Ever had swollen ankles, 'squishy' legs, sore legs, stiff hips or been tired and grumpy when you get off a 24 hour flight? It is no wonder, after what your lovely body has had to endure. A small confined space to sit, especially if sitting by a window or in the centre seat,  not much space to move around....As we know, these are just part of the economy class experience. If we want to get to places we love to visit, then this is something that many of us are prepared to endure. 

DVT has long been a condition that occurs when the return of blood from the deep veins in your legs has trouble returning  to the heart. It is made more difficult by the force of gravity and the relatively long distance that blood needs to travel back to the heart, compared with returning from other parts of the body. 
Hence a good old pair of  DVT socks by their very nature, have specialized elastic compression banding that can help send the blood back to your heart. But you must adhere to the four following rules.
  1. They need to fit you correctly (follow measurement instructions)
  2. Be put on BEFORE  you leave for the airport
  3. Not be taken off until a couple of hours after you land. It is very tempting to strip them off as soon as the wheels touch down, but it is in your best interests not to! 
  4. Do some exercises to keep you mobile. Every airline has instructions of what to do in the seat pocket in front of you.
Other ways to help you get off a flight feeling somewhat human are:
  • Drink LOTS of water. Getting up to go to the bathroom is good exercise too! But remember to do it before the meal service. Lines are way too long after!
  • Try to refrain from alcohol and coffee. Both are not that good on the aircraft, so you may as well wait until you can really enjoy a good glass of wine or a yummy coffee taking in the Eiffel Tower or something equally as gorgeous.
  • Sleeping tablets that knock you out for hours on end hence not being able to get up and move around.
  • Keep your feet up off the floor by either using a footrest or if you dont have one, put a piece of your luggage under your feet. It makes the world of difference.
Follow this advice and you will arrive feeling somewhat more human than you thought you might. And believe it or not, you won’t feel quite so jetlagged either.

Plane Jane has very kindly got you all sorted with a pair of DVT Sox in a Box if you need them. But stocks are limited due to them 'flying' out the door! Get yours today and dont be part of that Economy Class Syndrome!

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