Thursday, May 13, 2010

AYG? Anyone?

Plane Jane is proud to announce her involvement in the annual Women's Health Magazine 'Are you Game?' for 2010.

This event is a great way for us ladies to get together and compare stories of health, wealth and of course our happy travel stories.

The day is celebrated over two weekends and kicks off in Sydney this weekend. Melbourne is next weekend (of course they leave the best 'til last!)

So dear hearts, do yourselves a favour and add a bit of spice to your weekend and register for the might even win a car! Ooohhh Ahhhhh! OR.... you might win a Plane Jane Travel Pack for your next trip away, or a Plane Jane Posh Pack or some classy DVT Sox in a Box! It doesnt get much better than that!

Tattah for now and remember to 'Keep calm and Carry-On'.

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