Saturday, May 8, 2010

Plane Jane has the goodies for you!

Plane Jane is one of the best travel gurus, to hit the new decade flying! So too, is her buddy Plane Jim. Together they have taken over the skies with their fantasically innovative and clever retro designed security compliant travel kits. All the products sold on this website are for people who need the glam of travel without the glum!

Get your security compliant travel pack for long haul flights. 100ml bottles in the regulation clear plastic 1Litre bag. The amazing thing about this travel pack is it will last a lengthy trip, the zip is strong and sturdy and wont break, and the bottles are reusable. Just rinse and repeat and repeat and repeat!

Your lotions and potions will no longer have to be those tacky travel minis that the shops want you to buy. Instead, you can remain faithful to your brands and products by simply decanting them into the 100ml bottles and 15ml pots included in the translucent plastic bag.

If you feel the need to be even more pampered, then a must have is the Plane Jane Posh Pack which will make you feel like a princess up the sharp end of the jet. Well we can dream. And dream you will when you have wrapped yourself in a silk and wool pashmina, a silk eyemask cosy slippers and ear plugs. Time will fly by and before you know it the pashmina is wrapped around your neck and you are heading out for your first dinner in London, Paris or New York!

Check out the website for other great ideas to keep you looking and feeling glamorous on your next long haul flight to somewhere glamorous in the wonderful world in which we live.

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